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Local Gems 💎 Dressed in Memories

Style Maker Bobbie Casalino Lewis shares her personal style and story at Seventy through her new book

On the morning of Bobbie’s seventieth birthday on August 15, 2020, she woke up and slapped herself on her leg. She looked at her reflection in the bathroom mirror and said, “So that’s what seventy looks like!”

Every year on her birthday, Bobbie celebrates by doing or trying something new; something to create a memory.

In August of 2020 there weren’t a lot of options for new; many attractions once available to be enjoyed still had not reopened since the pandemic began. She decided she would create a book.

She decided to make two phone calls that morning.

One to a publisher whom she’d worked with before in her styling career. Her second call was to her photographer, Gervel Sampson. Bobbie got started on her pitch to collaborate with the photo artist when Sampson said, “I’m your girl, when do we start?”

Sampson and Bobbie met on a different day at her home and took all the photos for the book all in one shoot. Once they were done with taking the photos, they popped open a bottle of prosecco.

Once the photos were completed, she began to write vignettes from different points of her life. She then matched the stories to coincide with memories associated with the outfits that appear in the photographs.

Bobbie’s vision for her book was to incorporate style, fashion, and visuals to create a picture book that captured different ways she likes to express herself in her seventies and memories correlating with the outfits in each image. She’d like to see a world that takes the “anti” of out of aging.

Bobbie's Book Cover
"So That's What 70 Looks Like!" is available at The Book Jewel

She paired the photos in her book with short vignettes; humorous little stories from different points in her lifetime that correlate with the photos and expressed through her personal wardrobe.

Bobbie is an expression expert and style maker. She works with folks who are looking for assistance in dressing with intention and making impacts in their areas of influence by expressing their inner selves effectively through clothing and communication.

Her hope for the book is that people will be inspired to go look for their own essence within themselves. This book commemorates a new decade and celebration of life, stamping her image in this time to create a tangible reflection of memories through her written vignettes.

“Take from it what you will. Take something; but I think you will find quite a bit of it humorous,” said the author.

Bobbie included an in memoriam to her late best friend; she wanted readers to know to have some tissues nearby when they read it.

You can meet expression expert & style maker Bobbie Casalino-Lewis; and local author of So That’s What Seventy Looks Like! The Essence of Aging Gracefully at The Book Jewel on Saturday, July 8th at 3 PM.

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