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Diana Lipnick-Feld

Author and Illustrator of Airport Security with Noonorse 


Diana Lipnick-Feld, author and illustrator of Airport Security with Noonorse, is an artist living in Los Angeles. Inspired by everyday life and nature, she delights in telling stories through her bookmaking, collage, painting, and sculpture.

Noonorse the bear, a gift from Diana’s parents to their great-grandchildren, became her companion on a transcontinental flight from France to the United States. Noonorse is the transliteration of “Nounours,” the French word for bear.

On her journey with Noonorse, Diana had to show the bear for scanning at every security checkpoint. During many hours lined-up at the airport and waiting to board airplanes, Diana began to sketch her surroundings.

Airport Secu.jpg
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