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Where Do I Begin?

Tips for getting back into the Book World from your Friendly Neighborhood Booksellers at

The Book Jewel

Reading is an incredibly rewarding experience in empathy, imagination, and learning, but we know that not every book is everyone's cup of tea. Maybe you used to read a lot as a child but you've lost touch with books as you've gotten older and want to begin again.

Whatever the case, check out these helpful tips from our Booksellers here at The Book Jewel on how you can find the perfect book for you to enjoy!


Go to a bookstore or library.

Just like trying to shop for clothes online, you can't tell if it's going to fit right. Go into a physical space and pick up books that stand out to you.

Read the first page of any book you're interested in.

If you like it, keep reading! If you don't like it, try another!


Reread Books that you love.

Just like rewatching a series for the millionth time, rereading your faves can provide a sense of comfort. And you never know, you may catch something entirely new!

Try Graphic Novels

Big walls of text can be intimidating if you're out of practice. Not only do graphic novels deliver shorter bursts of words, but they offer stunning art that can help carry you through a new story.


Think about what movies and TV Shows you love.

A LOT of media properties started as novels or short stories. Check out the inspiration for your favorites--but expect that they won't be exactly the same.

Think about what turns you off from a book.

I often find it easier to pinpoint what I dislike than what I like. From there, experiment with solutions: "If I don't like THIS, maybe I will like THIS instead."


Read only what interests and excites you.

Do you stay up at night binging true crime podcasts? Want to go to other worlds in Science Fiction or Fantasy? A gripping drama with whip-smart characters? Whatever your inclination, use it to guide you to the sections you're naturally interested in. Select Books that you would want to see the movie for or documentary about.

Listening to audiobooks while reading a physical copy helps me improve my retention and reading speed.

This is a go-to for anyone wanting to learn how to read faster while also absorbing the material. I am a pretty slow reader, but much quicker than I was when I first started reading. If it's important to you to improve these reading skills, try this tip!

Don't pick up a book just because it's referred to as a "classic."

Look, I'm not saying don't read the classics. But if you haven't read in a while and try to pick up something like Dumas, Homer, or Melville because you remember reading them or hearing about them in school--you might find the same barriers that kept you from enjoying them the first time around are still there. This isn't to say that will always be the case. There are amazing stories in the classics, but meet yourself where you are at and eventually as you read more and more, we begin to absorb language and literary techniques more intuitively to discern through the layers of the story. Some writers utilize lavishing flowery descriptions, or thousand-word sentences that without proper preparation, readers might find themselves lost or frustrated or worse: bored. Reading is like exercising any other muscle; we get stronger with consistency.

You don't have to finish everything you start.

It sounds so obvious but this was hard for me to let go of the idea of finishing. The satisfaction that comes with turning that last page to conclude and close the book is one of the singular most wonderful feelings to me. However, that feeling would became overshadowed by the nagging feeling that I'd wasted time because I was forcing myself to finish everything I was reading, even if I wasn't enjoying it. I simply wanted to get to the ending. I've read enough books I've felt "meh" about and enough lackluster endings to know better now; my time is more important than figuring out what this character's fate is or what the resolution is for a plot that I actually don't have much investment in. If you start feeling that way a quarter-way through the book, you gave it a good go--but maybe let's try something else.

Reading opens up an endless number of worlds to anyone who seeks them out. If you have been wanting to begin reading again for fun, try some of these tips and let us know in the comments below how your own reading journey is going!

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