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Staff Spotlight: Celine's Top 9 YA Books You Should Read this Summer

YA is a genre adored by audiences of all ages. There is something special about stories taking place in a pivotal time of every person's life that we can all relate to: the coming of age. YA centers around young people facing conflicts of every nature: be it an otherworldly threat or navigating the perils of teenaged dating and everything in between. If you love YA as much as we do, our friendly bookseller Celine is here to give you some of her personal favorite recommendations.

The Cruel Prince by Holly Black - YA Fantasy

Mortal twin sisters, Jude and Taryn, are taken away to the High Court of Faerie where they are far from welcome, especially by the wicked Prince Cardan. The older Jude becomes, the more involved she wants to be in court affairs. That same court is on the brink of ruin as betrayal and bloodshed threaten to burn everything down, Jude included if she’s not careful.

We Hunt the Flame by Hafsah Faizal - YA Fantasy

Zafira is “The Hunter” who braves the dark woods creeping closer and closer to her town in order to put food on the table. Nasir is the assassin prince who kills anyone who threatens his father's place on the throne. Both individuals become intertwined when they search for an artifact to restore magic in the land and rid the kingdom of the woods that are engulfing it in shadows.

The Inheritance Games by Jennifer Lynn Barnes - YA Mystery

Avery Grambs is a poverty stricken teenaged girl who’s just trying to get through high school and get a scholarship to a university. In this story reminiscent of the film Knives Out, it is revealed she’s in the will of a recently deceased multi millionaire to inherit his entire estate and fortune. Yet she has no clue who this man may be or why he would do such a thing, and in order to gain her inheritance, she must live in the family's estate, for a year, among all the members who look at her with distrust and vengeance.

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn - YA Fantasy

Bree Matthews escapes to a residential program at a university to escape the grief of her mother's death. On the first night, she witnesses a demon attack and a secret society member who fights the demons, and then tries to erase her memory of the duel. This attempt only unlocks her powers and the weird circumstances that surround her mothers death. She believes that in order to discover the truth, she must infiltrate this secret society.

Today, Tonight, Tomorrow by Rachel Lynn Solomon - YA Contemporary / Fiction

Rowan and Neil have been bitter rivals for all of high school, that is until they are forced to team up for their senior game Howl after learning that a group of seniors is out to get them. Yet as they spend time together all over Seattle, they learn much more about each other than they ever cared to learn.

Dreadnought by April Daniels - YA Superhero/fiction

A trans teen takes on the mantle of the world’s greatest superhero when he falls out of the sky and dies in front of her. Not only gaining powers but transforming her into the version of herself she always knew she was. Now she not only must deal with her transition and the lack of support she’s receiving, but must worry about a council of superheroes accepting her abilities and finding the murderer of her predecessor before they wreak havoc on humanity.

Winterwood by Shea Ernshaw - YA Fiction

The dark woods surrounding the small town, Fir Haven, have a magical but haunted history; those who enter never come out, except for Nora Walker and her witchy family before her. That all changes when Oliver Huntsman disappeared into the woods in the middle of a huge snowstorm weeks ago, but shows up on Nora’s door with no memory of disappearing at all. Nora tries to solve this mystery as Oliver is trying to keep it buried.

Caraval by Stephanie Garber - YA Fantasy

Two sisters, Scarlett and Tella, are invited to participate in a mysterious competition at Caraval, a magical interactive performance only an exclusive few are able to witness. Yet when Tella is kidnapped and it's revealed that whoever finds her will be made the winner of Caraval, Scarlett races to get her sister back and get them out of this twisted game.

The Taking of Jake Livingston by Ryan Douglass YA Thriller/Paranormal

Jake Livingston already has trouble fitting in at his predominantly white private high school. When he discovers his ability to see the dead, it makes things a lot more complicated. One ghost in particular seems to be haunting him, a vengeful teen who will stop at nothing to continue his murderous ways. Jake must understand the depth of his powers, or his survival will be even more at


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