New Arrivals: Cinephile, a Card Game for Film Nerds

Think you're the ultimate film buff? Test your skills with the card game that was made for you. Created by Cory Everett, art director and former The Playlist/IndieWire writer & illustrator Steve Isaacs is Cinephile: The ultimate card game for film nerds, movie geeks and cinephiles. One deck. 150 cards. Multiple ways to play. Featuring 150 original illustrations, a mix of both cult and classic films, movie stars and character actors from the New Hollywood era through today.

Image: Ethan Newmyer, Cinephile Card Game

Initially Cory sketched out the idea for the game on a post-it note, and pitched it to his wife on a Google Slides presentation the following day. She told him to go for it. Within a few weeks, Everett recruited his friend Steve Isaacs to illustrate the game and a Kickstarter campaign was launched in April 2018. The project met its funding goal after 5 days and also caught the attention of Penguin Random House's Clarkson Potter Imprint. The pair worked on completing the final version which became available in 2019.

Image: Ethan Newmyer, Cinephile Card Game

“A lot of movie games are aimed at a wide audience, so they try to satisfy people who know a lot about movies and also people who don’t know very much,” Everett said.“I wanted to make Cinephile specifically for film nerds.”

"I wanted to make a game for the people on the bus at Sundance, in line at the New York Film Festival, the lobby at BAM, on the lawn at Hollywood Forever Cemetery for Cinespia,” said Everett.

Image: The Book Jewel

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