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Natalie Dial & Harry Posner of Tomat Kitchen present their Top 9 Cookbooks

An International Foodie's Delight

Harry Posner & Natalie Dial of Tomat Kitchen

Get ready, LA.

Natalie Dial & Harry Posner are opening a brand new culinary vision in the heart of Westchester, a love letter to a globally-inspired, farm fresh food: Tomat Kitchen.

Join them as they invite our readers to peruse some of the cookbooks that have inspired them and their craft.

At least once or twice a month we cook Fuchsia Dunlop’s mapo tofu, smacked cucumber in garlicky sauce, stir-fried cabbage with chili, and fish-fragrant aubergine (ironically, nothing to do with fish). Beautiful and accessible Sichuan/Szechuan recipes.

St John is our absolute favorite restaurant in London, well-known for its ‘nose-to-tail’ cooking (i.e. using the whole animal). This book is an education in butchery, offal, simple but excellent salads and vegetables, and quintessentially British desserts.

Camping doesn't stop Harry from cooking delicious meals

One of our most-used cookbooks that explains both the science and formula behind sourdough, as well as the art of understanding your dough, ingredients, timing, and environment.

A masterclass in sourcing, storing/aging, butchering, and curing fish. Importantly, focuses on using the whole fish to maximize depth of flavor and minimize food waste.

The ultimate resource for making kombucha, vinegar, miso, shoyu (soy sauce), and garums—but totally accessible and without intimidation.

Julia Sherman founded the LA Fruit Share (a platform for neighbors to share their backyard produce across the city) and is a wonderfully entertaining vegetable-centric cook. Her Instagram account and second book, Arty Parties, are also excellent.

Rachel Signer weaves personal narrative with self-discovery through wine—it is a wonderful account of how natural, organic, and biodynamic wines are cultivated and produced, and why this method of farming and winemaking is a revolution.

Written in 1980, this remains the encyclopedia of traditional Japanese cooking. It covers everything from knife techniques to broth, salads, tempura, rice, noodles, pickled vegetables, and sweets.

AKA the lead-singer of Japanese Breakfast, Michelle Zauner is also an extremely talented storyteller and writer. This is a moving account of how her mother’s battle with breast cancer drew her closer to her Korean family and roots, largely through food and learning to cook. Will make you want to visit K-Town immediately.

Tomat is coming soon in 2023, located right next door to The Book Jewel at

6261 W. 87th Street

Westchester, CA 90045.

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