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Updated: Nov 1, 2022

The new Family-Owned restaurant is a Perfect Addition to Westchester.

Kickin' Fish & Chicken's Owners Kicked Off Their Grand Opening on 10/22

You can taste the difference from the first bite of meaty goodness. Since Kickin' Fish & Chicken's Grand Opening, on Saturday, October 22, Westchester has already adopted the locally & family-owned restaurant as a favorite.

Behold: The Spicy Chicken Sandwich, image courtesy @kickinfishandchicken on instagram

The company's California debut is a hit in Westchester, and it's no surprise why.

Every item on the menu is made-to-order and prepared daily.

Whether it's the Spicy Chicken Sandwich, the mouthwatering Rotisserie chicken, or the Whole Fried Wings--diners at Kickin' Fish & Chicken can taste the quality in every selection. The chicken used at Kickin' Fish & Chicken is 100 percent Halal, which ensures a quality standard that the chickens are raised and slaughtered humanely, free of antibiotics, pesticides, and hormones.

If you want to eat more lean for lunch, Kickin' Fish & Chicken offers healthier alternatives. Try their sesame-crusted seared ahi tuna on their house salad, or grilled salmon with a side of grilled veggies.

One of the owners of the Rahman family, Ari Rahman, pointed out that before Kickin' Fish & Chicken, Westchester didn't have many fried fish options, or seafood options that are more affordable than fine-dining prices. Their restaurant is here to fill that craving for Westchester & Los Angeles foodies.

Image: Courtesy of @kickinfishandchicken on instagram

Westchester is raving about the food at Kickin' Fish & Chicken after only a couple of weeks since opening.

Restaurant Manager Tamita Freeman regularly receives feedback from guests on the excellence and quality of the menu and she noticed that there are already many returning customers. "I had a call from a lady earlier, she said that she needed to let us know how great the food was and that she was going to come back to tell us in person."

image: Courtesy of Sean Moor

At the heart of the business is their desire to be a focal point for families of the community, not just a place that serves great food. The Rahman family's warmth and welcoming approach to food service invites its patrons into what feels like one big family that grows with every new foodie who comes to dine.

That's not all. As of right now, the restaurant offers a discount for first responders, and has plans to work alongside and support local organizations and schools. Safee Rahman, owner, expressed his desire for the restaurant to grow with the community and give back to the neighborhood through their business.

If you happened to miss the Grand Opening, don't miss out on their next event on Friday, November 4th, The Welcome To Westchester Ceremony with the Chamber of Commerce and Karen Dial will cut the ribbon. Kickin' Fish & Chicken will be offering a 20% discount to all guests on November 4th; doors will open at noon after the ribbon cutting ceremony.

Kickin' Fish & Chicken is Open Now.

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