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How To Keep Reading Fun & Set Realistic Book Goals in 2023

Updated: Jan 12, 2023

The new year is here. Potential stirs within us; as does the feeling of a clean slate that every January seems to bring. This is the time where we challenge ourselves.

We say we're going to eat better, that we're going to be better at staying in touch with friends, that we're going to save 'x' amount of money. Some people enjoy bringing reading into their lists of improvement.

Here are some tips on your reading journey for 2023; to keep reading a space that excites you rather than something that starts feeling like neglected homework.

Quality vs Quantity

Instead of focusing on the number of books you want to read in a year, focus on consistency. Look for a time out of the day where you can add a sweet seamless session of uninterrupted reading. For me, I take public transit for my commute to work so I will usually whip out a book to keep me company. I also enjoy reading on my lunch break and before I go to bed to unwind.

Go at Your Own Pace

I'm a pretty slow reader. If that sounds strange for a book lover to say, well, that's because I am.

Look, life is always happening. For me at least, it can seem at times that our endless obligations, errands, meals preparations, chores, school, and work leave little room for anything else.

Avoid giving yourself deadlines with your precious reading time, unless you have a goal to finish before a book club meeting. For book club picks, dedicate more time during your days off for a good ol' reading binge. If dedicating an hour sounds overwhelming--consider three 20-minute sessions spread throughout your day, or until your attention span takes you elsewhere.

Start with Shorter Books

Trust me, the tomes will be tempting you in due time. If you're getting back into books or just starting out, I recommend starting small. Finishing a book feels good, unless you hate the ending. There will be endings you hate, it's okay. Pick up another book to get over it.

Let Your Interests Guide You

One of the best parts about reading is choosing your next book to read. It's your time, so go to places where you want to go.

I love literary fiction and nonfiction, but I've recently become obsessed with imaginative Sci-Fi and Fantasy. For others, historical events [or historical fiction] fascinate them. Perhaps you're intrigued by books that discuss the significance of current events. Some love reading about new scientific discoveries.

Visit The Book Jewel and talk to a Bookseller for recommendations based on your interests.

Join a Book Club

Have you ever felt like talking about something you loved reading? Start or join a book club! The Book Jewel hosts four local book clubs, offering 20% off for all current selections! Click here to sign up!

Track Your Reading Habits with a Reading Journal

Write down the date and time you are reading in entries. Write down significant lines, page numbers, or questions you would ask the author, given the chance. Take a look at the image below to see some of the notebooks available at The Book Jewel!

photo credit: Jenise Whitehead

New to Reading?

Check out our Post "Where Do I Begin?" for tips on improving your reading skills and experiences from your friendly neighborhood Booksellers at The Book Jewel.

You have everything you need. Curiosity and a little time on your hands. Go pick up a book and have fun, your next adventure awaits. What a great new years resolution!

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